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 iconhorizons is created with an idea to enhance, promote and provide various web services like SEO, SEM, Web designing, web development. A Complete process of building, enhancing and promoting a website including content writing, link building and meta tag optimization.


iconhorizons deliver high quality softwares and customised e- business solutions that reflects the in depth knowledge & understanding of emerging technologies in today's fast growing competitive world.

iconhorizons provides you with direct access to answers of all questions expressed in your thoughts, speech or writing. iconhorizons is formed with a core objective to share its interactive and personalized experience in Web solutions with its visitors and clients.

iconhorizons is a platform of giving a shape to your business through the blend of unique creativity and innovative presentation by our seo experts and web d developers .

Our Icons: -

Manoj Gupta (Founder, SEO Specialist, CEO & MD)
He is the blend of unique creativity and innovative ideas that helps the iconhorizons to be in a better shape. He helps the company to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today's marketplace.
He reckons with the spirit of success in his mind and has been serving the business industry from past one decade. He values his time more then anything else. He brings to the company the stability & attention to the details that no company can do without. He provides our clients with real time business solutions. He can handle any situation with a smile on his face. He has a quality to motivate other people around him.
He adds vital marketing, strategic planning and senior corporate management experience along with extensive financial knowledge to iconhorizons.
He is adept at negotiating major contracts as well as developing and maintaining effective business relationships at the highest level.

Nity (Sr. Search Engine - Internet Marketing Specialist)
She impresses people with her originality.
She is largely responsible for the effective functioning of iconhorizons. There are few people on this globe who are that much committed in initiating their role with a true world-class excellence, she is one of them.
She in an M.com and M.B.A (Symbiosis). Her strive to lead in the invention and development of the concern and her principle of conceptual work for clients make her one of the most rock-solid foundations of iconhorizons.
The blend of technical and marketing makes her one of a kind. Hardworking by nature is in her instinct.
Her favourites are interacting with new humans and she is never short of her cheek cracking and stomach crunching jokes.

Ritu (Sr.Search Engine Optimizer & Links Manager)
She has a true passion for computers and is born tough with computers. She has given her true time and devotion to bring iconhorizons to the limits of success and she has being recently honoured as the backbone of iconhorizons. It is really amazing and admiring to watch her sit day long before her PC without even a hint of fatigue ness . The amount of quality and valuable work she assigns for her self for a day may be a question of a week for someone else. She is truly beyond any comparisons.

Rahul Sankhwar (Software Engineer & Web Developer)
He is our Software Engineer & Developer. He has a massive 5 years IT experience under his belt. Rahul is one of the valuable pillars of iconhorizons and believes to deliver the best of his potential. He has an ever-smiling attitude and is known to swim the strong tides of hard assignments.
His favorites are listening music and to interact with people.

Shalini (Senior HR Organizer & Coordinator)
She is our HR organizer and coordinator. Her ability to pick the right person for the right job is simply great. She is responsible for the successful deployment and support of the iconhorizons solutions and for leading our professional team.
She is an M.B.A (Deakin univ. Australia) and has done Post Graduation in Travel and Tourism Management and Diploma in German Language. The kind of respect and gesture she gets in the work unit only indicates about an ideal who has earned her identity by moulding herself in the blocks of hard work, honesty, commitment , dedication and has evolved as the shining star of iconhorizons.
She is being recently honoured as “TRUE VALUE” to iconhorizons.

Shelly(Head - Marketing Manager)
She is our online communications and Marketing Manager and in a very short span of time has proved her presence. Her art of talking and interacting with people simply takes them in some other world. It is only to believe that with her improvising and convincing skills iconhorizons ends up with building a strong and never ending business relationship with its clients. She is a dedicated; work focused, committed and believes in achieving the impossible. He is the “LINKING HUB” of iconhorizons.

Rajni (Web/Graphic Designer & SEO Expert)
She is our Web Designer and Search Engine Optimization Expert. One sole mission of her life is to work hard for the assignment in hand and has developed an un-matched art in her killer web site design strategy combined with her immense seo knowldege.
She comes with her innovative and constructive ideas that help iconhorizons to achieve its seo goals and tasks more easily and efficiently. Her approach towards her work is strategic, focused, crystal clear and dynamic.

We have two content writers/ Re-writers (Copywriters) Pooja, Geeta.
and two Jr. Search Engine Optimizers working under Ritu Bhardwaj : Manil, Yakub.
and a Jr. Web designer working under Nity: Rohit.
and a Trainee in software engineering is working under Rahul: Moksh
They all specialize in their individual fields of expertize.

For outsourced-projects which require quick feedback and are huge in quantity we are associated with many on-demand technical web-designers, content writers, blog writers etc. having immense work-experience and thus we are well prepared for complete customer satisfaction.

We believe we are still on our way.....

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