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How To Recover from lost Google rankings?

It doesn't matter if you have not received any Google warning for manual webspam but if your site has witnessed a significant drop in organic search traffic lately or post Google penguin update, there is a high possibility of some serious issues with the backlinks pointing to your site and that those contradict with Google's ranking algorithms. Your site's back links may have anchor-text issues, look artificial or were not naturally developed, are from low quality spammy seo directories etc.
You need to action on this to chance quick Google recovery! How?

We can help you to conduct a backlink report and get the offending links either removed or disavowed. Contact us with your website details at inquiry @ iconhorizons.com

Google's various penguin updates (penguin, penguin 2, penguin 2.1 etc.) all aim to target such web sites that are spamming its search index and ranking high on the basis of such inward links that are either paid links or gained with a manipulative intention to achieve high page rankings. Such incoming links can be from various low quality seo directories submitted to in bulk, numerous article marketing links on the basis of poor or spun content, useless blog postings and spam-type forum commenting etc.

Google may or may not send you unnatural links warning message in your GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) account under the manual actions head, intimating you that your site may not perform well in Google results.
If your site is hit by penguin penalty you would know this by way of drop in your first page search rankings. This could be a partial or site wide impact.

How to Recover from Google Penalty? or Penguin Algorithmic Update?

This is one big task ahead of you. Utilising details from 'links to your site' in the GWT and other available online back link checker tools you would need to identify each and every link of its quality and value.
Considering factors like:
back link site page rank check
domain authority check
IP address bracket check
page authority check
anchor text check (over-optimised, exact match, money term keywords)
neighbourhood links check
google cache records check etc. you would need to perform a rigorous link audit report and thereupon decide to retain good quality links and remove poor quality backlinks.

There are high chances that despite your best efforts you are unable to get the unwanted links deleted, here Google's disavow links tools would be great help to you.
By disavowing links that you deem are of toxic, spammy and low-quality nature, you can intimate to Google that you do not want to take any credit of such links and that these should not be considered to pass any page rank to your site or while assessing and ranking your site. Furthermore, for web owners you have received a manual penalty warning message would require filing reconsideration request once you have filtered all bad links and the site is no more in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

You may require professional seo consultant assistance to perform a website audit and back link analysis, so you do not end up removing or disavowing high quality links which may further worsen your website status and organic rank positions.

IconHorizons.com has behind it 10+ years of professional seo service experience. We offer complete back link audit and low quality backlink removal service at reasonable prices. We can assist you to assess and get rid of unwanted backlinks to your website and help regain your lost Google rankings.

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